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KaAbBa: The Great Pyramid is The Tree of Life: MerKaBa
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Revealing the Harvest of the Neteru to the Sons and Daughters of God Kemetician, Metaphysician, Practitioner, Wordsmith, Neteru Harvester/Revealer, Teacher, Healer, 1st Eye Activator

   Above is Dr. Terri Nelson aka Queen Nteri Renenet Elson


Unveiling the Symbols - Revealing the Neteru
Kemet Decoding Journal &Lecture Series
Afrikan Origins of The Ancient Wisd om
Taking It To The ‘B’ONE

In order to tell a more completed story it is important to ‘connect the dots’. The excerpts from the Journal Article/Lecture that follow present images along with the briefest of narrative and are intended to do just that, connect the dots. It is not intended to be an exhaustive Treatise on the Kemetic and Metaphysical meaning of these symbols nor their subsequent re-dispensation and packaging. The Journal Articles/Lecture Series are for this intended purpose as they present opportunity for the coming together of Group Mind, Consciousness, and 1st Eye to fully reveal and illuminate. This is copyrighted material and should be treated as such with full attribution to the author and author’s ordering of images, selected quotes and original text to make intellectual connections, reveal, and give insights, even without exhaustive elaboration.

Purpose of Lecture/Journal Article Series

  • Empowerment through Knowledge
  • Healing Deep Psychological Impacts
  • Unpacking and Revealing Symbolic Meaning
  • Attribution of the Afrikan Root Source Contribution
  • Dis-spelling Illusion, Awakening, 1st Eye Restoration
  • Acknowledging and Accrediting The Greatness of the Black Race
  • Understanding Mdw Ntr’s Journey into English – Greatness and Garbled
  • Understanding the Psychological & Spiritual Journey of Unfolding Consciousness

What Follows are Sample Excerpts From Lecture/Journal:

Title: Ausar, The Pope, Santa Claus, Christmas, and Christianity

By Dr Terri Nelson aka Queen Nteri Renenet Elson
Revealing the Harvest of the Neteru to the Sons and Daughters of God

Article #2
The Higher Spiritual Meaning of the ‘N’ word(s)

A Metaphysician sounds an alert

On July 9, 2007 the NAACP took steps to - ‘bury the ‘N’ word’ - in a ritualistic and ceremonial way. This was a significant step to take in redeeming the energy of this word. A word used so negatively. A word that has been deliberately potentized to herald the delivery of insult, wounding, destruction and lethality, when uttered. After all, Whites have enslaved and killed Blacks in the name of the N word. But like the Surgeon General, a physician, who would come before the public and sound a health alert, I come before you as a Metaphysician to sound a Psychological and Spiritual alert. I come to alert you and reveal revolutionary information that has been silenced about this word and its potency.  

This book is about Afrikan Cosmology and The Higher Spiritual Meaning of the N word in Kemet, Egypt. Kemet is the land of our Afrikan Ancestors. Egypt is the name later given to this land by the Greeks. Metu Neter is the name of the language of our Afrikan Ancestors – also renamed Hieroglyphics by the Greeks. Metu means ‘words’. Neter and Neteru (plural) means ‘qualities of divinity’. These divine words are the speech of the Gods. Metu Neter uses pictographs and letters which act as oracle to energetically convey word, symbol, idea and meaning. This name for the ‘divine words and speech of the Gods’ is variously spelled and some of the forms are as follows: Mtu Ntr, Mdw Ntr, Medu Neter, Mdw Netcher, Metu Neter, Medew Netjer, Mdw Net-ger, and so on. In the language itself, like the word Metu Neter, various vowels are added, substituted, and/or subtracted before or after the primal consonants used to make up a word and convey its meaning. The vowels lend themselves to facility in pronunciation.

As an Afrikan people we are millions of years old. As we made our footsteps out of Afrika we populated the world. As such, the Metu Neter have gone forth as a language that has journeyed out of Afrika also. As the Metu Neter journeyed out of Afrika it became garbled, confused and distorted by its distillation through the English language. The lower expression of the N word(s) has resulted in a concentrated pollutant of darkness and despair which has contributed to the deep psychological scarification that we experience as Afrikan and Afrikan Diaspora. Yet paradoxically, herein lies the greatest Light also.  

How is this so? Words have a vibration. Words may vibrate at a higher Spiritual level, a more refined level. When Metu Neter was vibrating at this higher Spiritual and refined level this contributed to our greatness as an Afrikan people. Likewise, words may vibrate at a lower, coarse, dense and material level. As the Metu Neter went out into English, - ‘words’ - were negatively potenized to contribute to our demise as a people.

In my book I dispel the words Negroes, Nigger, and many others that have contributed to our deep psychological scarification, words that we must now understand and overcome. But how will we overcome? Shall we bury the Niger River too? Should we not speak the name of the Niger river? Does not the Niger river have the same Metu Neter as the N word, N-i-g-e-r or N-i-g-g-e-r? These words have Ancient origin which must be understood. Even though this potency has been used negatively if the N word did not have this potency it would not have the power to wound. Likewise this same potency, when used positively, is the power to resurrect and heal. It is this power that must be understood as we look at the journey of the N word as it moved from Metu Neter, divine speech, and became distillated through the English language.  If we were to find a diamond at the bottom of a dumpster under tons of garbage - it is still a diamond. Herein lies the greatest Light to be discovered, a Light that has been hidden, but will be reveled once more.

The irresistible pull to give utterance to this word must be understood. After all, Black youth today both kill and greet one another in the name of the N word. There must be a reason and we must understand these reasons. And, once again Kam-unity, we will be duped if we do not look deeply into these matters. To have a half truth is to have a lie. There are two sides to every story and our story must be told in its completeness. We must look at this bridging that has occurred in language as the Metu Neter have gone out and what has happened as we crossed over that bridge. We must understand the unification in consciousness that language gives. We must also understand the fragmentation in consciousness that language can likewise give if it is used negatively. We must understand what has happened as we went from ‘Kunta Kinte’ to ‘Tobe’ and from ‘Tobe’ back again.

The N word brings us into an understanding of a state of Unitive consciousness and how as an Afrikan people we move from this Unitive State. This was a state of wholeness when we were with the Metu Neter, when we were with the divine speech of the Gods, when all that we built through the sounding of a ‘word’ reflected that divinity. As the Metu Neter moved out we began to experience fragmentation, separativeness, and brokenness in consciousness.  

Understanding the N word is the pathway to understanding the resurrection of ourselves. We cannot get where we need to go using a Eurocentric paradigm that leaves many parts of our story out. We must move within an Afrikan Psychology which will tell the whole story. We cannot tell the story of Humanity’s Psychological and Spiritual Journey of Unfolding Consciousness with all the necessary inclusivity unless we are willing to tell the truth about the greatness of the Afrikan Race, the Black Race. Any other story will only tell parts and pieces. As One Human Family we will move from a state of piece and fragmentation to a state of peace and unification when we see more fully and clearly.

Our day of being ‘spooked up’ is being concluded. Our day of confusion is being concluded. We have been told that there are secrets. But in my book, The Secrets of Race and Consciousness, one thing we will hopefully come to appreciate is that the biggest secret is that there are no secrets! All may be revealed to the illumined mind, to one who has a chastened heart, to one who is pure in Spirit. Have we not done the work as a people to have an illumined mind, to have a chastened heart and to be pure in Spirit?

It is time to access the secrets that were common place to us, like walking and talking and breathing - before they became the private enterprise for the few. I am called by our Ancestors to come before you to sound this Psychological and Spiritual alert. We must get ever so skillful in our treatment of the N word. Knowledge and bridging back from English to Metu Neter is the way that we will become skillful in resurrecting who we are. This is a special day and I give praise and appreciation to the initial bold steps taken by the NAACP in redeeming the N word. But we must hold an even greater awareness. In re-claiming our Kemetic Laws, the Law of Rebirth and the Law of Reincarnation, we must understand the knowledge that there is no death. So where there has been a so called ‘burial’ there must now be a process of redeeming and resurrecting. So let us come together as a Kam-unity to understand the knowledge necessary for this pathway. The Metu Neter, the Neteru are being belched up all over this Planet and they are speaking to us. They seek the redemption, the rise, the lift vibratorially that is to be accorded the divine words and speech of the Gods. Reading, Ka Ab Ba Building The Lighted Temple in conjunction with this book will:

  1. Reveal the Spiritual and Psychological Journey of Unfolding Consciousness, the Afrikan Cosmology of Kemet and the Sacredness of the Cosmic Sun Egg, and the Higher Spiritual meaning of the N word(s).
  2. Retrace, ferret out and dispel word meaning.
  3. Dissipate the power to wound that the N word(s) has had as the Metu Neter have gone out into English.
  4. Point the way toward healing so that we may return to the source of our greatness.
  5. Offer revolution, revelation, deep thought, and resurrection out of the quagmire of confusion about words that have been used to describe, enslave, rob and kill the Black man and Black woman.
  6. Wordsmith word meaning at both lower and higher spirals of vibration and dis-spell illusion so that we may reclaim and use power at its most optimal and divine Spiritual level of vibration.

    Dr Nteri Renenet Elsong


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