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Dr. Terri Nelson
Lester Nelson

The Secrets of Race
KaAbBa: The Great Pyramid is The Tree of Life: MerKaBa
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Shækem RA AЖE (Reiki)
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Kemetic Life Purpose Energy Formula Readings
Neterological/Kemetic Afrikan Cosmology





Kemetic Karest Mas Celebration
Ka Ab Ba Building the Lighted Temple
Ka Ab Ba: The Great Pyramid is the Tree of Life:MerKaBa
The Golden Sun Egg Uncracked Secrets of Race & Consciousness
KaAbBa: The Great Pyramid is The Tree of Life: MerKaBa
On The Way To Finding Your Soulmate
Right Relationship Workbook
Forgiveness Process



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Terri Nelson, Ph.D.E, L.I.C.S.W., M.S.W., M.S.E.P., Reiki Master

Dr. Terri NelsonDr. Terri Nelson (aka Nteri Renenet Elson) is a Holistic Psychotherapist, Metaphysician, Priestess of Kemet and Teacher of the Afrikan origins of the Ancient wisdom. She is Adjunct Professor at the University of Massachusetts in the Afrikana Studies Department. She is co-founder of, The Academy of Kemetic Education and Wellness,Right Relationship Right Knowledge, Maat, Inc. where she teaches an Afrikan Centered Model for Psychological, Spiritual, and Character development which is underpinned by the History of Ancient Afrika/Kemet (Egypt) and the Diaspora as a way of Self knowledge, healing and health. Her classes on the Application of the Ancient Wisdom in Modern Daily Living are helping others find solutions to life challenges. A specialty area that she brings penetrative insight to is, The Spiritual and Psychological Journey of Unfolding Consciousness out of Afrika.Dr. Nteri is a gifted Wordsmith and Metu Neter Symbologist and has given important Keys for Dis-Spelling Illusion in her books. She has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology (B.S); a Masters in Social Work (M.S.W); a Masters in the Science of Esoteric Psychology (M.S.E.P); and a Doctor of Esoteric Philosophy (PhD.E) with a  concentration in Metaphysical and Kemetic/Egyptian Studies. She is an Independent researcher of the Ancient Wisdom teachings and was a member of The Black Knostic Study Group for several years under the late Dr. Alfred Ligon.She has had the honor of traveling to Kemet ( Egypt) under the guidance of Elder Dr.Yosef ben-Jochannan and Dr. Clinton Crawford; and to Ghana under the guidance of Drs. Leonard and Rosalind Jeffries and Professor James Small. She is a Shækem Ra-AЖE Master. As teacher and eternal student of the Ancient wisdom her years of experience have made her a firsthand witness to that which both fetters and liberates the Soul in its Spiritual Journey. She has been garnering and distributing the wisdom and tools for Ausarian Spiritual Transformation and Resurrection or ASTR (STAR).

She has worked in the behavioral/mental health field for the last 30 years and her training has included both traditional and alternative approaches to healing. Her working experience includes providing service within the Department of Mental Health and three Medical Associate Practices, which includes Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates where she worked as a Clinician in the Adult mental health department. She has worked many years providing psychotherapeutic services in the Massachusetts Correctional Institutions and in hospitals. She has also had a private practice over 25 years where she uses a variety of healing methods. She provides counseling and consultation to: individuals, couples, families, groups and agencies. Co-counseling together, she and her husband, Lester Nelson, Min., specialize in Relationship work with Couples, Individuals, Families and Groups.

Dr Terri Nelson is author of: Ka Ab Ba Building The Lighted Temple; Secrets of Race and Consciousness; Afrikan Cosmology Kemet: The Golden Sun Egg Uncracked; On The Way To Finding Your Soulmate; The Right Relationship Workbook and The Forgiveness Process Workbook. She has given lectures at national and international conferences which includes: the Association for the Study of Classical Afrikan Civilization (ASCAC); Nile Valley; Indigenous Afrikan Healers Conference;First World Alliance; Cheikh Anta Diop; Royal Circle/Seeking The Secrets of Consciousness; Institute for the Study of Race and Culture; The Melanin Conference; Sankofa; Metu Neter; etc


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Lester Nelson, Min., Spiritual Consultant

Lester NelsonMr. Lester Nelson, Min. has been affiliated with religious and spiritual organizations and teachings for the past forty years. Mr. Nelson is a licensed minister who has always felt a calling to help others. Although his primary occupation for thirty-five years has been as entrepreneur, business owner and salesman, he has been Spiritual Consultant to many in the community for the past thirty years. He very easily provides counsel to those who come into his midst. During the past seventeen years he and his wife Dr Terri Nelson have been combining their skills and talents working together in their private practice co-counseling couples helping them to improve, enhance and preserve their relationships. Mr. Nelson has been applying his knowledge, wisdom and past experience to this very important work of promoting harmony and understanding in relationships. Lester has contributed a section to the book, On The Way To Finding Your Soulmate. He is also co-founder of, The AЖademy of Kemetic Education Right Relationship Right Knowledge, Maat, Inc.

Our Programs/Services are offered both nationally and internationally and if you would like any of these offered in your City, State, Country, please contact, Dr Terri Nelson, The Academy.

Please call (617) 296-7797 Today For: Additional Information, Appointment, Schedule, Fees, etc.

Private Counseling sessions that are culturally competent, confidential, sensitive, holistic, solution oriented & preventative.

Our Office is located at:
The Academy of Kemetic Education and Wellness
Right Relationship Right Knowledge, Maat
53 Cedar St side entrance
Mattapan, MA 02126

The Academy of Right Relationship and Right Knowledge is supported by a dedicated Council of Elders listed below. Over the years their participation, guidance, and vision has contributed to the sustained viability of the Academy.

Renee Dailey
Thelma Moss
Dr Joe Cook
Dr Angela Cook
William Paschal
Rosemarie Paschal
Andrea Smith
Nia Imani
Leah Randolph
Valina Jackson
David Pearson
Neil Callendar
Andrew Keaton
Kenneth Downes
Dr Aqasikesat
Dr Terri Nelson
Lester Nelson

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